Second workshop weekend finished with concrete political ideas to start getting real

After lively messaging group discussions after the first workshop weekend between all participants, 9 students from all over Germany gathered in Berlin to not only meet again but to use a full weekend to further develop individual political ideas to turn into reality and get more tools to make it happen.

How can I find financial and further support to realise my own political idea? How can I present my ideas? How does a broader audience become aware of my ideas? How to group together to combine ideas and make even more out of it?

All of these questions were addressed in different workshop sessions, mainly filled with life and practical examples of the participants. Concrete ideas and teams were formed to translate ideas of political participation into reality – be it a video or podcast based peer-to-peerinformation platform for newcomers, a soap opera film project portraying the reality and dailychallenges of newcomers or a meetup cafĂ© for newcomers and other society members toexchange on current political issues.

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