During the workshops we collected many great experiences, which we now want to share and motivate others to do similar workshops. Therefore, we created a handbook for conducting political participation workshops. We would like to treat this handbook as an open resource and hope to receive a lot of feedback on our experiences and add many more important points to our lists. You can find it here:

Handbook: Conducting Workshops on Political Participation with Refugees

Julia Mehr / Ronny Röwert (2018)

Content overview:

1          Introduction

2          Preparatory considerations for the workshop

2.1.      General note on workshops with newcomers
2.2.      General note on political participation workshops
2.3.      Defining a target group
2.4.      Recruiting participants and communication
2.5.      Organisation of the workshop

3          Description of Workshop I

3.1.      Getting to know each other
3.2.      Deducting topics of interest from personal stories
3.3.      Learning about formal & informal political participation
3.4.      Expressing opinions and working in political teams
3.5.      Reflecting on future pathways for integration
3.6.      Calling for action

4          Mentoring Process between the two workshops

5          Description of Workshop II

5.1.      Taking and presenting positions
5.2.      Getting financial support
5.3.      External presentations
5.4.      Working in teams

6           Reflection on the role of the facilitator

7           Sources

   The publication is distributed as CC-BY 4.0 license to freely share, use and remix it.