Adressing a  gap in society

We believe that an organisation or a project can only be sustainable and thus generate an impact in the long run if there is a substantial need and gap in the society being addressed by it. According to the current international research project “Political Participation of Refugees: Bridging the Gaps” with first country reports such as for Germany being published it can be stated that there is a widespread substantial need for strengthening ways for newcomers to better express their views and opinion in the political sphere of the host country. For Germany, the authors conclude the following recommendation: “state and local governments should work together with civil society organizations, migrant representative bodies and refugee-led organizations to create more platforms that bring together refugees and asylum seekers with the general population to discuss issues affecting their communities”. We understand our project proposal in the light of these conclusions and see the societal need given.

Spreading activation through Train the Trainer materials

Our project is thought and will be setup in a way that the longtime automated effects are already part of the DNA of all activities foreseen. We choose a relatively small target group as direct beneficiaries of this project but use the train the trainer (TTT) approach to multiply the acquired learnings of the target group on an individual level. The participants will be strongly encouraged by us project managers to already do first practical steps to share the knowledge. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the project, the newcomer students will develop train the trainer learning materials for facilitating public discourse interventions. They will acquire the relevant skills to publicly facilitate workshops about the chosen topic and to support fellow newcomer students to become speakers and thus cast their voice as well. Train the trainer (TTT) concepts have been proven to be very sustainable, efficient and cost-effective.

Increasing outreach through targeted dissemination

With the approach of the followed up documentation of the project outputs (learning material) we want to make sure that effects are generated long time after the project has reached final funding in this regard. These project materials will be disseminated to stakeholders relevant to newcomers who aim to cast their voice as well and thereby further foster the sustainability of project outcomes. Additionally, the extensive active involvement of various network organisations with its future generations of newcomer students as potential beneficiaries of the proposed project outcomes will strengthen the impact beyond the initial project lifespan.