Status quo of project results

(status: October 2018)

The successful and sustainable integration of newcomers to society needs to go hand in hand with political participation. The project CAST YOUR VOICE aims to co-develop pathways and tools with newcomers in order to better raise their voice in public discourses and reach
politically relevant participation.

With a pioneer group of 11 newcomers studying at German universities, the project was able to develop, pilot and reflect approaches and tools for newcomers to raise their interests in public discourses and thus become more politically engaged in their host countries. Within the frame of three successful and empowering workshop weekends in August and September 2018 being hosted in Berlin, the group of newcomers from all over Germany not only learned about opportunities to be politically active but also already developed their own very concrete intervention ideas to make a difference in the political public space – be it a video or podcast based peer-to-peer information platform for newcomers, a soap opera film project portraying the reality and daily challenges of newcomers or a meetup café for newcomers and other society members to exchange on current political issues.

After the successful piloting of a workshop weekend
series to foster the political participation of the group of newcomers, the project team is aiming to disseminate the major project outcomes such as a handbook on conducting political participation workshops with refugees as well as to offer this workshop format to other civil society organisations within Germany in order to multiply the outcomes.